YBO Client Stories: How John Got His Time Back

John Paxos with YBO Head of Delivery Rose Rubi in the Autof-Fix Auto Electricians garage

As we race through the second half of the year, I remember how, not too long ago, I was spruiking YBO as a striving start-up business to anyone who cared to listen. A lot of good things have happened since then and a lot of good stories to be told. I thought it would be nice to share some of these with you so, today, we start a series of articles called “YBO Client Stories.”

My favourite part of this job is meeting clients, listening to their stories and engaging in conversations that usually unravel many hidden gems. In the next few months, we will be featuring a sample of our clients and how YBO has made a difference to their business – from the first contact to finding and implementing solutions for a wide range of issues unique to each and everyone one of them.

Our first story is about Autofix Auto Electricians, a busy auto electrical services outfit in Rosebery NSW. As business kept them working hard around the clock, Autofix was having difficulty in keeping their books up-to-date, as well as managing their staff payroll compliance. To get these administrative tasks done, owner John Paxos had to spend a significant amount of time away from doing actual service jobs for his clients. No matter how many extra hours he dedicated to admin work, it was still a struggle for him to keep operations rolling while making sure the business met all its compliance obligations.

Like many business owners who are used to doing things the traditional way, John had heard of cloud accounting but was quite hesitant about using it himself. The thought of how much change it would require introducing this new technology to the business was one thing, but finding the right people he could trust to help him manage this major transition was another thing all together. It was obvious when we first met that there was a lot of doubt as to whether this new approach would be a right fit for the business.

At the end of our meeting, John realised it wasn’t rocket science. I assured him that we were going to make it as easy as possible for him. First, we applied some of our best processes and put them in place within their administrative functions. Then, we made sure that we were always there helping him manage the change, and maintained a friendly approach by making sure he knew who was handling his requirements and keeping the communication lines open all the time. As Autofix is a family business, this arrangement closely aligned to their staff, to the business and to YBO.

“My accountant referred me to YBO, but I was fearful of the Cloud. Eric came to speak with me and explained how it could simplify some of the admin tasks I was getting bogged down in. He and the YBO team have made it really easy for me.” — John Paxos

In her recent visit to Sydney, our Head of Delivery from the Philippines met with John to introduce herself personally. The visit not only ‘puts a face to the name’, but more importantly, it enhances the relationship that we are always striving to build with our clients. We make the effort to know our clients well, especially the support that they need from us. We then work hard to deliver a service that we can be proud of and which sets us apart from other outsourcing service providers.

Autofix Auto Electricians is one of the many feel-good stories for YBO. Taking back most of John’s valuable time by getting his books in order is the difference YBO is happy to make.
by Eric Felipe

Posted on August 29, 2017

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